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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Demise of the Local Catalog or The OPAC Reborn?

  • Demise of the Local Catalog, by Roy Tenant***
  • The OPAC Reborn.(Online Public Access Catalog at libraries)
  • The Future of Cataloging, by Peachy
  • Thought for the day - Now if we had the semantic web or enough catalogers

    ***My 2 cent:
    This article is an excellent eye opener, and makes a good feed-forward. Thanks to John Jaeger for sharing this info.

    I agree with Roy that libraries must pack off their catalogs (I packed it too, and seen so many). But moving with a Google model (a free search-ware mindset) is probably not going to make the library catalog that useful and value-added, on the face of umpteen competitors; and a searchology (as Google calls it) that comes with a package minus the controlled vocabulary (with whatever name one likes it, LC, Meta tags, etc.).

    I think there must be an effort to upgrade our mindset of catalogoing / cataloguing and fine tune it with our own foundations of librarianship and user-friendly ventures.

    I have been working on the idea of visual catalogs, that started with the idea of an indepth, as well as, localized cataloging spirit of my professional inspirer: Sanford Berman.

    FYI. I have compiled a webliography on this theme. Would appreciate your comments on this dimension. The link to my webliography is:
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