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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nigeria's Library System - is It Collapsing Or Transforming?

3 July 2007, Uthman Abubakar, Kaduna, All

Jemimah Markus Adams, a 200 level student, does not have to bother combing all the relevant book shelves in the Ahmadu Bello University main library, Kashim Ibrahim Library (KIL) or any other library, frantically or in the guard-of-honour-inspection fashion, to fish out a text book or journal to do some researches or assignments, or make some references on any of the course units she offers.

Whenever necessary, she goes to the library shelves. If she finds the material - textbook or journal - she needs, good! If she does not, she will not develop a headache, despair or worry at the thought of having to do the research, assignment or reference by some other devices, and face the lecturer with her failure to source the material she is referred to. After all, most of the relevant materials for her course of discipline now have either gradually vanished from most library shelves, or have been outdated by monumental quantities of new discoveries and wider frontiers of knowledge and information in the field of discipline globally. Virtually, hard copies of updated materials are no more acquired for the libraries. So, she seeks solace in the internet, where she sources most of her materials.
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