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Friday, November 15, 2013

Featured Helpouts by Google -- offerings involve a charge, r u ready with you Visa/MasterCard?

"Real help, from real people, in real time". That's the slogan of Google Helpouts, on the first page you don't see the money-matters!!! But, the bottomline is all about you pay as you go.
"Helpouts restricts listings and Helpouts that are marked for "health services." Learn more.
In order to view and search for health-related Helpouts, you must opt-in to allow Helpouts to create calendar entries and to send email and text notifications for any health service Helpouts that you start or schedule as a customer. You can find this option on the Settings page. Learn more."
Google Helpouts : Is this yet another Beta  (incl other beta, such as, Google Answers, that are gone with the wind). If it stays, will it be virtual reference platform--taking away the techniques, tools, know-how, skills + the cents some libraries get from a service, aka intelligent research?

Image courtesy: Michael Sean Wright

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