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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's quotes about libraries

To commemorate the 100 years of Rabindranath Tagore receiving the Noble Prize for literature in 1913, here are some quotes, he said about  libraries:

“Libraries are more important to the education system than the institutions such as schools, colleges and universities.” (source)
  “The extent of use to which the reading material of a library is put, should determine its importance rather than the staggering number of volumes." (p. 359*)
"The worth of a librarian should be gauged by his power of attracting and looking after such circles by acting as the  intermediary of an intimacy of relationship between reader and the library." (p. 359*)
"On him (librarian) is cost the burden not only of books, but of their readers as well and in the maintaining of both proper discharge of his trust and efficiency. " (p. 359*) 
*Quotes are from *

Dictionary of Library and Information Science Quotations by Mohamed Taher and and L.S. Ramaiah.  More quotations are here @ Library & Information Science Quotations or here:

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