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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Elements of Digital Literacy - East and West

PS. This is a note to remind everyone that there is no one size fits all. Eastern/developing nations need  a different strategy, and different approach, as agains the rest of the developed world. The following is excellent in the latter case:

  •  Digital Literacy and Multitasking @ startek
Extract: :About three years ago Doug Belshaw came up with the Eight C’s of Digital Literacy: Cultural [Cu], Cognitive [Cg], Constructive [Cn], Communication [Co], Confidence [Cf], Creative [Cr], Critical [Ct], and Civic [Ci]. This article briefly describes how each of these eight strategies might look in the classroom."

Linda Buckmaster's insight:
Digital Literacy " is an often used term comparable to "21st century skills".  It encompasses the skills our students need to be productive, successful citizens.

A simple infographic that helps students understand "the road to digital literacy". Designed by the Adams 12 Five Star Schools this infographic discusses digital citizenship, technology literacy and information literacy as the components of digital literacy. 
* Information Literacy includes the ability to find, evaluate and use information
* Technology Literacy is the use of software and the multitude of online options available to create digital products
* Digital Citizenship is the ability to use technology appropriately and responsibly

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