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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Reading now: Global Librarianship (Books in Library and Information Science)

Martin A. Kesselman and Irwin Weintraub (Editors), ISBN-10: 0824709780, CRC Press (2004).

About the book: "Providing new insights into the role of librarianship in an age of socioeconomic, environmental, and political transformation, Global Librarianship illustrates how globally networked environments promote and increase the sharing and dissemination of ideas, information, and solutions to obstacles affecting libraries. This reference showcases methods to tailor and build collections and technologies that continually support worldwide scholarly and business communities through the utilization of digital tools and electronic media. It Illustrates breakthroughs in the organization, management, and dissemination of information to facilitate easy access to libraries anywhere in the world."

Foreword Barbara Ford v
Roots of Global Librarianship
1. Historical Perspectives on Global Librarianship 1, Tom Glynn
2. International Library Organizations 19, Robert Wedgeworth
Libraries in a Global Perspective
3. The Role of Libraries in Rural Development 33, Daniel Ruheni and Thelma Tate
4. Can You Say Swiss Without a Smile? Multicultural Approaches to Library Services in a Multilingual Context 45, Daisy McAdam
5. Public Libraries in Developed Countries: A Success Story from Scandinavia 67, Barbro Thomas
6. Library Services in Multinational Corporations 79, Maria Novella Castagnoli
7. Library Collaborations 89, Martin Alan Kesselman
Libraries and Education in the Global Community
8. Preparing Library Users for Productive Global Information Use 101, Hannelore B. Rader
9. Academic Library Support for the Cyber-University of the Future: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times 119, Kathy Kunneke
10. Global Education Information in the Digital Environment 135, Patricia O’Brien Libutti
Global Information Flow and Access
11. The Digital Divide 151, Linda Ashcroft and Chris Watts 12. Intellectual Freedom 163, Marianna Tax Choldin
13. Globalization in the Lives of the Selectors of Foreign Materials and Their Collections 177, James P. Niessen
Global Digital Libraries
14. Toward the Global Digital Library: Information and International Development 191, Richard Gartner
15. Copyright and Related Issues in a Global Economy 209, Marianne Scott 16. International Standards for Global Information 219, Alan Hopkinson
Selected Bibliography of Literature on Global Librarianship (Compiled by Irwin Weintraub)
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