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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A publisher sues librarian blogger for millions

India Today, Rohan Venkataramakrishnan: "Last week University of Colorado librarian Jeffrey Beall was threatened with a billion dollar lawsuit and three years in prison all because he annoyed a publishing company.

Beall's blog, 'Scholarly Open Access' is popular for its comprehensive list of journals and publishers who engage in practices that he believes are predatory. " continue reading: Send Section 66A bullies home 
On the same shelf:
Who pays for Open Access journals? The most common model is charging a publication fee for each article. The idea is for the cost of publication to be built into grant proposals, so that the institution funding the research bears the expense.
My publisher offers a "Sponsored Article." What is that? Some publishers are now experimenting with a hybrid model. This is a journal that does charge subscription fees but the author can pay-typically around $3,000- to make an article freely available. continue reading

  • Investigating journals: The dark side of publishing : The explosion in open-access publishing has fuelled the rise of questionable operators.
  • Academic publisher sues librarian blogger for millions, by Ariel Bogle, Melville House

  • On the same Open Source / Open Access shelf:

  • Blogger better be a billionaire, says 'open access' publisher lawsuit, OMICS offended by 'Beall's List' By Richard Chirgwin, Science
  • Cautiously Open to Open Science, by Gretchen Goldman, The Equation: Blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists (blog)
  • Of Predators and Public Health | Peer to Peer Review. By Kevin L. Smith, Library Journal (author's limited rights in an open access world)
  • Mathematicians Aim To Take Publishers Out of Publishing, Soulskill
  • Asking Authors to Buy 'Memberships' for Open Access, By Jennifer Howard Chronicle of Higher Education -- Extract: Jason Hoyt thinks scientific publishing can be faster, sleeker, and a whole lot cheaper. The Stanford-trained geneticist is a fan of open-access journals, which make scholarly articles freely available online rather than put them behind paywalls. But he argues that having authors shoulder big publishing fees—a popular model for open access—burdens researchers with costs that are too high, often thousands of dollars per article...
  • So much writing, is anyone reading? By Suntosh Pillay, Thought Leader
  • India's OMICS Publishing Group threatens scholarly critic with $1 billion lawsuit, jail time Cory Doctorow
  •   Side effects of publish-or-perish pressure on academia
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