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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Database Searching Trends in India: Review Article on the state-of-the-art

I found an interesting research article by Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Mr. Projes Roy, and Prof. M. P. Satija, "Database Searching in Central University Libraries in India," Library Philosophy and Practice 2011.

In consequence of the recommendation of the National Knowledge Commission (NKC, 2005-2008), each of the Indian states has at least one fully-funded central university. Now there are 39 central universities. Privately funded and owned state-legislated universities are also being established to cater to the increased demand for higher education. In between there are many universities that are not legislation-based but are authorized by the University Grant Commission (UGC, New Delhi) to award degrees. Central universities are better-equipped in terms of financial resources, faculty, and infrastructure, and thus have an edge over the usually fund-starved state universities.

The libraries across the globe are challenged to integrate e-resources into their collection, services, and patrons' lives and academic libraries face obstacles when virtual learning environment (VLEs) become "the primary means of interaction between students and universities (Tenopir, 2008). Providing access to electronic journals and other e-resources is an important area of librarianship (Prabhu, 2002). The design of usable online interfaces is a crucial issue (Xie and Cool, 2000). Traditional library services and printed material are still more effective to researchers in Indian universities than web-based information and resources. Barriers to progress in this area in university libraries in India cannot be overlooked (Chandrakar, 2003).

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