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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Librarians in the Ancient Times (read as pre-modern age)

Extracts from: "If You Were a REAL LIBRARIAN, You Would Know": Information Professionals Without M.L.I.S. Degrees
By Jenkins, William L
Published on
In the ancient world, libraries were staffed by people whose training was often in another field.
  • The first librarian at the ancient library in Alexandria was Zenodotus of Ephesus,(1) an epic poet.
  • Zenodotus served as librarian between 284 and 260 B.C. (2) Zenodotus' successor at Alexandria was Demetrius of Phalerum, a philosopher and statesman. (3)
  • Demetrius' successor was Callimachus of Gyrene, a poet "who combined an ability to write creative poetry with a willingness to submit to the grinding drudgery of compiling hundreds of lists involving thousands of entries." (4)
  • Many call him the father of librarians. (5)
  • Callimachus was followed by still another poet, Appolonius of Rhodes. (6)

    These men were librarians, though their training came from other fields. What apparently made them worthy of service was their intelligence, management skills, cataloging and search talents, and incredible memories. In short, they had to be mental giants, persons of intellectual distinction.

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    Continue reading: "If You Were a REAL LIBRARIAN, You Would Know": Information Professionals Without M.L.I.S. Degrees

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