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Friday, October 14, 2011

Library and Information Science Education in India - 100 Year's Celebration & Introspection

William Alanson Borden (1854-1933) in India.
"Borden 's Achievements (US) ... introduced the first library school in the country in 1911, the first school which had ten men and women participants, and which by chance initiated the women's era in the profession too... (p. 157 + see also Index)" Continue reading further in Librarianship and Library Science in India : An Outline of Historical Perspectives, 1994 , by Mohamed Taher and Donald Davis. New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company. -- See also: William Alanson Borden: An Apostle of International Librarianship, by Murari Lal Nagar
Info courtesy: Dr Jaideep Sharma, Dr. Manjunath, Pawan R. Agrawal, Jayant Deshpande, & all others. Image courtesy:

  • DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, Special Issue on 100 years of LIS Education in India Vol 30, No 5 (2010)
    1. Guest Ediroial PDF
    Jaideep Sharma 2
    2. Library and Information Science Educationin India: A Historical Perspective PDF
    Krishan Kumar, Jaideep Sharma 3-8
    3. Library and Information Science Education in North India PDF
    Paramjeet Kaur Walia 9-18
    4. Library and Information Science Education in South India: Perspective and Challenges PDF
    V.S.R. Varalakshmi 19-31
    5. Library and Information Science Education in East and North-East India: Retrospect and Prospects PDF
    Pijushkanti Panigrahi 32-47
    6. Library and Information Science Education in Maharashtra: A Perspective PDF
    Pratibha Gokhale 48-55
    7. Short-term Library and Information Science Training Courses in India PDF
    G. Mahesh, Narendra Kumar, Dinesh K Gupta 56-60
    8. What Ails Doctoral Research in Library and Information Science in India? PDF
    M.P. Satija 61-66
    9. Library and Information Science Education in India: Some Government Initiatives PDF
    Manoj K Joshi 67-73
    10. Employability of Library and Information Science Graduates: Competencies Expected versus Taught—A Case Study PDF
    Bharat Kumar 74-82
    11. e-Learning Library and Information Science: A Pragmatic View for India PDF
    Manorama Tripathi, V.K.J. Jeevan 83-90
    12. Library and Information Science Education in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh PDF
    Prabhjeet Kaur, Paramjeet Kaur Walia 91-96
  • Symposium on LIS Education in India: Challenges and Opportunities
  • LIS Teachers' contribution to LIS education, training and research in India
  • 100 years of LIS Education in India
  • Centenary of Library Education, @ University of Nagpur, IATLIS Conference, 1987.
  • 'Centenary Celebrations of LIS Education in India,' IATLIS Conf., 26th to 28th November,2011 at Department of Library & Information Science, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. For details contact: Geeta Girish Gadhavi, Asst.Prof./Co-Ordinator, Dept.of Library & Information Science, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad - 380 009 Phone: 079 - 2630 1363 / 098257 85008
    Sub-themes: These sub-themes are not exhaustive, rather indicative only.

    1 Critical analysis of 100 years of Library education in India
    to develop a sustainable vision for future.
    2 Relevance of LIS education to job-market.
    3 LIS Education - modes and methods
    4 LIS Research and publication
    5 Continuous Professional Education and Training
    6. Impact of ICTs on LIS Education and Research
    7. Restructuring of LIS Education
    8. Partnership and collaboration
    9. Faculty and infrastructural requirements with special
    reference to developing learning resources in Indian languages.
    10. Accreditation and quality control in LIS Education [source: Dolores' List of CFPs]
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