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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Books & Libraries @ Facebook

  • Asian Classics Input Project:
"The Asian Classics Input Project was founded in 1988 to preserve and freely distribute ancient Asian classical literature, and to support refugees in doing this work. Millions of texts were destroyed during and after the 1959 invasion of Tibet, and many others are buried in libraries throughout Asia. During the past 20 years, the Asian Classics Input Project has saved thousands of these endangered masterpieces by combing monasteries, libraries and archives throughout Asia. After finding these..." (read more)
  • Books for a better Future Program 2009:
"The Books for a Better Future Program is a student initiative which seeks to collect old and unwanted academic textbooks, specifically from, but not limited to, tertiary students, academic staffers and libraries, for distribution to a number of tertiary partners in India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

We would especially like to collect books in the fields of commerce, law, history, nursing, women’s studies and engineering. VCE textbooks and language resources used to teach English would also be..." (read more)

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