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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Middle Eastern Librarianship -- Resources, Programs, etc.

Note: This post is part of area studies librarianship. See also: South Asian Studies -- Resources, Programs, etc.

  • New:
    Digital Library of Arabic Manuscripts: a Questionnaire: CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

  • LIS News: There are Arab books, but most not included in union catalogs
    Bottomline: Hence, you will have to digg and digg, not just check the WorldCat, Library of Congress, British Library, etc. The list is long, and includes:

  • King Fahd National Library Riyadh
  • KACST Library, Riyadh + online Database
  • King Saud University Library, Riyadh
  • Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Library Oxford
  • Copac National, Academic, and Specialist Library Catalogue
  • bibliotheca alexandrina
  • Microform Academic Publishers, UK

  • Resources at A randomly selected list of recent publications

  • Programs, Resources, etc. @ Middle East Librarians Association's web site, see also: MELA Notes

  • EThOS: Free Downloads Of UK Dissertations/Theses From The British Library
    Info courtesy: Gerry McKiernan @ Reference Notes:

    EThOS offers a coherent and consistent interface by implementing a central 'hub' comprising an e-store and a digitisation suite at The British Library site in Boston Spa, Yorkshire. The hub automatically harvests e-theses from Institutional Repositories and digitises paper theses from participating institutions to offer the single point of access. See also: what others say about this new service
    The following electronic theses (fulltext, FREE download) are available @ Ethos:
  • The Wonders of Creation and the singularities of Ilkhanid painting : a study of the Qazwini, British Library Ms. Or. 14140. Carboni, Stefano. 1992 School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)
  • An investigation of the barriers to information access: A study among university students with special reference to Saudi Arabia Gharieb, Magdah Ezzat A. 2007 University of Strathclyde, Department of Computer and Information Science
  • Guidelines for the development of library and information services in developing countries with special reference to Iraq. Al-Werdi, Z.H.K. 1983 Loughborough University of Technology
  • Painting the stars in a century of change : a thirteenth-century copy of Al-Sufi's treatise on the fixed stars (British Library Or.5323). Carey, Moya Catherine. 2001 School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)
  • National bibliography in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia : analytical and comparative study with a view to planning a Saudi Arabian national bibliography. Samarkandi, Abdullatif Abdulhakeem. 1990 Loughborough University of Technology

    Middle Eastern Library Blogs:
  • Arab Librarians Blog
  • Arabic Digital Library
  • Iran in Translation
  • Kurdish Women Empowered
  • A New Plan to Develop Saudi Libraries @ LIS NEWS

  • Many more.... @ Google blog search and here: Middle Eastern Librarians

    PS. More to come, or ask what you want, and did not find here.

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