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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

South Asian Studies -- Resources, Programs, etc.

Resources in Canada
University of Toronto. Centre for South Asian Studies

Resources in USA:

  • Center for Research Libraries. Digital South Asia Library. Sources consulted in the preparation of the Union List of South Asian Newspapers and Gazettes. International union list of South Asian newspapers and gazettes
  • South Asian Studies -- Collections CONTACT: David Niles Nelson
  • Columbia University Libraries. SARAI: South Asia Resource Access on the Internet CONTACT: David Magier
      See also: India Virtual Library
  • The University of Chicago. South Asia Library Project
  • The University of Chicago. Roja Muthiah Research Library. CONTACT: James Nye
  • The University of Chicago. Urdu Research Library Consortium. CONTACT: James Nye
  • University of Virginia. Center for South Asian Studies. Teacher Resources for South Asia
    See a detailed list of South Asia Studies Programs

    Resources in Europe:
  • University of London. The School of Oriental and African Studies - SOAS
  • University of Leiden. International Institute for Asian Studies - IIAS
  • University of Cambridge. Centre of South Asian Studies

    See a detailed list of South Asia Studies Programs

    Resources in Australia:
  • Australia South Asia Research Centre

    Resources in Singapore:
  • National University of Singapore. South Asian Studies Programme

    Tools for Area Studies Librarianship:
  • Deccan Studies: An Inter-disciplinary Bi-annual Journal, Contact: Dr V.K. Bawa or email:
  • The Influence of Hindu Epistemology on Ranganathan's Colon Classification
  • Tipu Sultan Portal, Mohamed Taher
  • A Guide to Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu Manuscript Libraries in India, by Omar Khalidi
  • Muslims in India : Recent contributions to literature on religion, philosophy, history and social aspects, Mohamed Taher 1993
  • Islamic Studies in India : A survey of the human, institutional and documentary sources, Mohmaed Taher 1991
  • Christian Librarianship, Essays on the Integration of Faith and Profession
    Edited by Gregory A. Smith, Foreword by Donald G. Davis, Jr. (2002)
  • Islmic Librarianship, Mohamed Taher (1197)
  • Journal of Area Studies Librarianship, Haworth Press
  • Transnational library relations: The Indo-American experience (Concepts in communication, informatics & librarianship) by Madhukar Bhimrao Konnur (1990)
  • Resource Guide for Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism Hinduism, available through the Internet or at the University of Alberta
  • Cyber Worship in Multifaith Perspectives, Mohamed Taher (2006)
  • Google area studies librarianship

  • Does South Asian Studies Undermine India? Rajiv Malhotra, [ India ] December 04, 2003
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  • South Asian scholar program hopes to 'build bridges' among nations, Melissa Mitchell, Arts Editor

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