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Monday, September 11, 2006

Indian Libraries and Librarianship: An overview

The Library Creed

The people must rise superior to their circumstances andrealize that more knowledge is their greatest need, theirgreatest want. They must be brought up to love books, notsimply attractive bindings or pretty pictures, but theircontents. They must be taught to regard books as part oftheir lives. Libraries will not then appear a luxury,but a necessity of existence-- SAYAJIRAO in Shri Sayajirao Gaikwad
MAHARAJA OF BARODA, The Prime Promoter of Public Libraries, by MURARI LAL NAGAR, International Library Center, Columbia, MO, 1992

  • Indian Libraries and Librarianship: An overview, by Tukaram. S. Kumbar, Canadian Studies Faculty Research Fellow 2006-2007, University of Calgary Library, Calgary, 6thJuly, 2006
  • A recent title in the area of Comparative Librarianship (aka World Librarianship), and a branch of it is area studies librarianship, le.g., Third World Librarianship, Oriental Librarianship, Islamic Librarianship, Christian Librarianship, etc:
    The Impact of Technology on Asian, African and Middle Eastern Library Collections
    Series: Libraries and Librarianship: An International Perspective #1, Edited and Introduced by R.N. Sharma, Ph.D. (Scarecrow, 2006)

    Related titles from India:
  • SEWA SINGH, Comparative librarianship and Ranganathan's writings, Herald of library science, 1993, vol. 32, no1-2, pp. 29-35
  • Libraries and librarianship in India, Krishan Kumar and Jashu Patel (2001)
  • 50 years: Library & Information Science in India / edited by M.K. Jain. 1998.
  • LIS Education in South Asia : Progress, Problems and Prospects /P.B. Mangla and R.G. Prasher. Ludhiana, Medallion Press, 2004
  • Libraries in India - National Developmental Perspectives: A saga of Fifty years since independence / Mohamed Taher. 2001
  • Librarianship and Library Science in India : An outline of historical perspectives / Dr. Donald Davis and Mohamed Taher. 1994
  • Libraries and the Culture of Knowledge : An Indian Retrospective from Ancient to Modern Times/H.S. Chopra. New Delhi, Kanishka, 2001, xiii, 160 p., ISBN 81-7391-406-0.
  • Fabric of Error: The National Mission for Manuscripts is set to rewrite Indian history, finds Renuka Narayanan
  • The Hindu Speaks on Libraries
  • International and Comparative Librarianship and Information Systems : Ranganathan Memorial Volumes/edited by P.N. Kaula, Krishan Kumar et. al. 1996, 2 volumes, xxix, 942 p.,
  • Indian innovative ways are more than digitization: Bhodhivanam, the library's forest environment. Source: Library Philosophy and Practice, 22-MAR-03, by John Neelankavil

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