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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Multicultural Canadian Website: Promotes History of Indo-Canadians

The Government of Canada Supports Simon Fraser University Library under a project called "Documenting and Exploring Multicultural Canada".

"This project on the study and exploration of Canadian multiculturalism involves upgrading the Multicultural Canada website by digitizing various documents that record the contribution of different ethnocultural communities to Canadian society. Among other things, the website will bring together documents, newspapers, and sound clips currently scattered throughout different libraries and archive services. The site will be a unique source of information on the history of the Chinese, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian, Vietnamese, and Indo-Canadian communities in Canada. Information will be provided in English and French and in the language of each community."

"The goal of this project is to preserve and provide access to the record of individuals and communities of Canada’s peoples. Through newspapers, interviews, photographs, letters, family papers and oral histories, the people who have made Canada have documented their experience." Says Lynn Copeland, Dean of Library Services, Simon Fraser University Library. Project contacts

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