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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Information Literacy Programmes

Information Literacy Programme in Colleges, by G.Mahadevan
The Hindu, Wednesday, Oct 04, 2006

To bridge awareness divide between urban, rural areas Aims at bridging the awareness divide between colleges in the urban and rural areas

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kerala is preparing to place before the Syndicate a proposal for implementing an information literacy programme in colleges affiliated to the university.

The programme aims at bridging the awareness divide between colleges in the urban and rural areas and to enable students in the latter category of colleges access subject-related information across a variety of formats.

The Information Literacy package will aim to provide students the basic information about IT tools, to introduce to them electronic sources of information, train them in searching for information stored in a multi-media format, train students to use computer-aided instruction packages, introduce various online search programmes and methods to identify sources of information, including subject gateways, in the Internet and train students to use the `Online Public Access Catalogue.

The project proposal drawn up by head of the department G. Devarajan points out that the lack of awareness among students in colleges located in rural areas would lead to under utilisation of information resources even if IT tools are made available in such colleges. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an information literacy programme one that includes visual literacy, media literacy, computer literacy, digital literacy and network literacy among such students, the project document says. Continue reading or contact Dr. Devarajan

See also:
  • Mokhtar, I. A., & Majid, S. (2006). Teaching information literacy for in-depth knowledge and sustained learning. Education for Information, 24(1), 31-49. [Graduate Student (By Research), School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University, 31 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637718]
  • Institutionalizing information literacy in tertiary education: lessons learned from South African programs, Karin de Jager
  • Information literacy: A plug-and-play approach, ANDRETTA Susie; CUTTING Andrew;
    This paper reflects on issues raised by the development of an Information Literacy module for first year undergraduate provision at the University of North London. Information Literacy here is defined as an essential attribute of the independent learner, consisting of ICT skills as well as more complex Information Handling skills. Discussion focuses on how the module aims to develop generic, transferable IL skills and to foster a transition to a more independent learning mode. The module is customised to the needs of a variety of disciplines and subjects by a ‘plug-and-play’ principle, and uses a range of delivery methods to support students with diverse prior ICT skills. [see another source]

  • "Asian culture" and Asian American identities in the television and film industries of the United States, Hemant Shah, Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education, Volume 3, Issue 3 (August 2003), © University of Toronto Press

    Library of Congress Subject Headings:
    Academic libraries--Technological innovations.
    Information literacy.
    Library orientation for college students.
    Libraries and the Internet.
    Libraries and colleges.
    Internet in higher education.
    Information society.
    Library orientation.

    Not included in LC:
    >>Bibliographic instruction
    >>User education
    >>Library skills
    >>Information skills

    Much more: IL controlled vocabulary

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    NB. Thanks to David Dillard, Temple University, for this info. [[DIG_REF] INFORMATION LITERACY : COUNTRIES: INDIA: Information Literacy Programme in Colleges]



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