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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A catalogue of errors

Multicultural, multiracial, multilingual, errors in catalog, cataloguing (or cataloging), library shelving, etc...
Don't believe? Start visualizing more such at Improbable Research.

See the following:

A catalogue of errors
How many books written in seemingly obscure languages are misfiled and languishing unfindable in libraries? Joyce Flynn’s experience at Harvard suggests the answer is: a lot.

Flynn, a researcher in Celtic languages, discovered some common mishaps that no one discusses much….
So begins this week’s Improbable Research column in The Guardian.
posted by Marc Abrahams in The newspaper column.
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PS. Thank you for this information: Dr. Ali Houissa, "Middle East Librarians Association"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article reminds me of an analogous if less alarming discovery I made just out of college and fresh back from a youthful Wanderjahr, when I had a brief stint working part-time in the Journals Division of the U of Chicago press. Doing some filing one day, I discovered that amongst the international correspondence, organized by the country and city of the correspondents. the largest file for Germany was "Postfach"!

Jeff Spurr

12:09 AM  

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