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Friday, August 15, 2014

Philosophy of information literacy: To read, view, listen or interact in using information

PS. image courtesy: Brenau Trustee Library
Miriam (Mimi) Sue Dudley, 1983:
"Library instruction, bibliographic instruction and user education are all reference services. The concept of reference as an assistance to users of libraries first appeared in Library Journal in 1891. In 1870's personal assistance to the reader was made available, in 1877 the access to the resources themselves was restricted to the research. In 1884 Dewey introduced the first reference department at Columbia University. In the last quarter of the 20th century library instruction was formalized as a separate function. establishing a separate unit within ALA.
The philosophy of bibliographic instruction asks the questions: why, when, where and who of library instructions. The answer: When? Now, Always, Anytime. Where? Anyplace. Every Place. Who? Your users and your colleagues. Why? Because you are a librarian." (p.63) [source] (probably the complete citation is :  Mimi Dudley, "A Philosophy of Library Instruction", Research Strategies, 1:2 (Spring 1983), 63.)

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