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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Access top articles from International Information & Library Review for FREE online

Free Access to the Most Downloaded Articles of 2012-2013 International Information Library Review
For more than twenty years, the International Information and Library Review has been welcomed by information scientists, librarians and other scholars and practitioners all over the world for its timely articles on research and development in international and comparative librarianship, information sciences, information policy and information ethics, digital values and digital libraries. Contributions to the journal have come from staff or members of many different international organizations, including the United Nations, UNESCO, IFLA, and INTAMEL, and from library and information scientists in academia, government, industry, and other organizations. continue reading

Access these top articles for FREE until December 31, 2014:
  • A university library management model for students’ learning support Volume 45, Issue 3-4 (2013) Kulthida Tuamsuk, Kanyarat Kwiecien & Jutharat Sarawanawongong
  • Library and information literacy instruction in Israeli colleges and universities: A preliminary surveyVolume 45, Issue 3-4 (2013) Carol R. Simon
  • The prediction of Internet utilization behavior of undergraduate agricultural students: An application of the theory of planned behavior Volume 45, Issue 3-4 (2013) Naser Zamani-Miandashti, Payam Memarbashi & Parvin Khalighzadeh
  • Multilingual Digital Libraries: A review of issues in system-centered and user-centered studies, information retrieval and user behaviorVolume 45, Issue 1-2 (2013)Evgenia Vassilakaki & Emmanouel Garoufallou
  • Traditional knowledge management and preservation: Intersections with Library and Information ScienceVolume 44, Issue 1 (2012) Charles Kamau Maina
  • Users' perceptions of library effectiveness: A comparative users' evaluation of central libraries of AMU, BHU, ALU and BBRAU Volume 44, Issue 2 (2012)Abdul Mannan Khan
  • Use of social networking sites by research scholars of the University of Delhi: A study Volume 44, Issue 3 (2012) Margam Madhusudhan
  • Use of digital media and demand for digitized contents in higher education sector of Pakistan Volume 44, Issue 3 (2012) Muhammad Rafiq & Kanwal Ameen



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