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Monday, January 07, 2013

Packing, labeling and moving library books -- Tips

Moving a collection from point A to point B, has many issues / problems.
Packing in boxes that are strong enough is equally important. Need labeling each box with the sequence that matches with the shelf list order. The following are useful bits, just in case one is lost and needs some basic starter:

  • In Stanton, Iowa, human chain of 400+ passes books from old library to new
  • Books - FAQs - About Us (Preservation, Library of Congress)
  • Packing books: the best way, by M.E. Williams @ DIY Life
    -- describes in detail: Materials; Process; etc.
    -- has a an expert comment: "pack books with their spine on the bottom of the box, as long as you put some padding on top of the books to protect their fore edges."
  • How to Pack Books for Moving --The Moving Blog; a commercial site, just listed for your help. No clue about their services.
  • ABC Moving Services Projects -- a commercial site, just listed for your help. No clue about their services.
  • Library renovations – Tips on moving the stock -- Packing up the library; Unpacking in the new library.
  • Who's Who in Library Relocation
  • Planning a successful library or archive move 
    PS. Ask more info, if you need, by leaving a comment or by email.

    On the same shelf:
    Worth reading: Moving your library : getting the collection from here to there / Steven Carl Fortriede. Published/Created: Chicago : American Library Association, 2010.
    Contents: Overview of a move -- Planning the process -- Selecting a method -- Measuring the collection and designing the shelving layout -- Interfiling and dividing collections -- Recruiting and training move workers -- Assembling tools and supplies -- Preparing the workspaces -- The other move -- Preparing to move -- Moving with carts -- Moving with boxes -- Balancing the move -- Moving microforms -- Special situations -- Finishing up.

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