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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Indo-Canadian Librarian Series - Narendra Passi

In his own voice:
"I attended University of Delhi, School of Library Science and graduated in 1959. I was the first Gold medalist in librarianship at that university. I got encouraged and decided to continue my studies towards M Lib. Sc. which I completed in 1960. I was hired by Vikram University, Ujjain that year and stayed there for five years. I came to Canada in 1965 and found a job at McMaster University. Joined as a Reference librarian, got many promotions and by the year I retired, I was the Head of Reference Services. I also started Library Science courses (part-time) at the U.O.T. and graduated in 1969.
I started doing volunteer work and also became President of the Hindu Samaj of Hamilton. It was during that time that the temple got attacked the week after after the 9-11 in the USA. We had to collect funds and start the temple activities all over again. Now I am the President of the Seniors Seva Mnadal of Hamilton and Region. This programme came about when the Ontatio Government announced "AGING AT HOME " program."

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