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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Redefining the library in the age of Google and Wikipedia

A summary of a talk given at Singapore Management University by Dr. N. Varaprasad, former CEO of Singapore's National Library Board. The themes covered are: Friends, not foes, Snacks, not full meals, Redefining and refining.
Published: November 01, 2010 in Knowledge@SMU

Friends, not foes
"Despite the numerous issues, Varaprasad feels that libraries still stand a chance. For one, he does not see Google as a threat, but as an efficient gateway to the library’s resources. This complements library users’ search for information. As for Wikipedia, Varaprasad’s point of view is that the online encyclopaedia is useful as a jump-off point for preliminary research or a quick primer into a certain topic. However, despite the checks and edits done by Wikipedia’s army of contributors, there is no guarantee of accuracy." continue reading

"Varaprasad imagines that libraries of the future might take a modular form, like that of Lego bricks; where there is one concept but many parts and multiple possibilities. So just like the evolution from stone tablets to scrolls to books, libraries need to innovate and evolve, so that they may continue to deliver knowledge to the masses; make reading experiences more interesting and social; and ultimately, keep from extinction."

Information courtesy: Bernie Sloan

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