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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ontario Library Association's Super Conference 2010 - Media Monitoring

My 2 cent: I notice that this year's conference is totally shy of social media and news media. Even external factors (e.g., bloggers, aka virtual news media) are not so passionately contributing to this scenario.

I am not just talking in the air. See the list below. Compare this with the huge coverage (2008 media monitoring) I covered in 2008.

Why I say this is because in 2008 they invited bloggers, to join. In 2009 they had a 'blog' of their own. And in 2010, all of the above is gone. NO Blogging or Facebooking. Media has no news stories, whatsoever, so is the glaring absence of the social media, not many to blog about, no presence or links to facebook, twitter, etc.. Does this give any clue that we are fading or ready to fade. There are no social media buttons, that was the least to show the currency of the professional conference. A slide show (in 2010) with no dynamic approach (to make the show interactive or informative), is the only innovation and that's it.

There ends the story of media attraction, media presence, and social media in short. Incidentally, the theme of this year is: Step Up Your Passion.
The bottomline is: It pays to be a pessimist just for a better ROI!!!

Super Conference 2010 details are here
Are you in this Slide Show? Or you know someone in this show? See the Super Conference 2009 Slide show

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