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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Citing a Blog, Wiki - Style for bibliographic notes and references

  • Citing a Weblog Comment in MLA Style (via Jerz's Literacy Weblog)
  • How to Cite Weblogs and Weblog Comments in MLA Style, Kairosnews
  • The Chicago Blog: The latest Chicago Style Q&A
  • Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apart from how to cite, there is a more important question of evaluating the Web content:
  • Who do you trust on the web @ Knowledge Jolt with Jack
  • The Six A’s for Evaluating Web Content, Taher, Mohamed

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    Blogger Gunther Eysenbach said...

    A lot of people (including lawyers, publishers, editors) now use WebCite (, which allows anybody to take a stable snapshot of any URL, which will be permanently preserved (WebCite is a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium). The citation format would then be then something like

    Adam. How to Better Cite Blogs. Emergent Chaos - The Emergent Chaos Jazz Combo of the Blogosphere (Blog). URL: Accessed: 2008-03-14. (Archived by WebCite® at )

    This ensures that the readers sees exactly the same content as the citing author (even if the content changes).

    Some bloggers - who feel it is important to be cited properly - also put a "WebCite this!" on their blog (link to - prepopulating this form with stable metadata such as the author name and blog title) so that the blog is accurately cited and automatically archived if somebody cites it. This also goes a long way if the blogger has to proof - for some reason - the sequence/priority of ideas, data, stories etc. - esp. important in academia. See for an example.

    8:40 AM  
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    Great article! I wanted to suggest to you a service that I am the Community Manager for, we're a site called ( we offer an app for bloggers that helps a lot with citation.

    Here is a blurb from our about us page to give you an idea of what we do:

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