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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Area / Ethnic Studies - January 2007: South Asia

Serendipity brings me to this handy reference tool, published since a few years:
Academia - an online magazine and resource for academic librarians - published by YBP Library Services
In short, I see this as an essential tool for collection development.

Past issues of Academia:

  • August 2006: Asian-American Studies
  • November 2005: Asian Studies

    See also: Forthcoming Library Science Titles January 2007, Selection List

    About Academia:
    lists current Literary Prizes and Awards & much more such as Publisher Profiles; Selected New Series; Special Pre-Publication Offers;Specialized Selections; University Press Bestsellers source

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    Blogger Mohamed Taher said...

    Dear Ms. Kothari
    [comment at - probably did not go thro']
    I am not sure if Library Thing cares for our passion--a student of the students of S R Ranganathan, my mission is to disseminate information.

    But my story is not so good. Since three months or so, my max titles of books shows 205. Just to satisfy my need to add some titles of my interest, I deleted 50 almost titles. Nothing changes. And, I gave up my goal of being a lead contributor. The number is constantly showing 205 books (though it should not have let me go to 215 in the first time I opened my account and added these)!!!

    I added you in my flickr Indic librarians group.
    Best of luck and keep growing the Indic bibliotheca image.

    11:51 PM  

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